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A passion for childlike means in the art of embroidery, sewing and colors to produce unique and unique pieces are woven by the hands of women embodying the Palestinian identity in each pole. Tuhheb is a brand that started working in Jerusalem in 2016. It is interested in reviving the Palestinian heritage through modern designs for clothing that suits the whole family as well as producing elegant and attractive home accessories.
Our products are distinguished by the special arches of each region of Palestine, so that the sweat tells the story of his town or region. This gives beauty and quality to the fabric we design, as well as the attractive colors that bring joy and hope to the hearts of those who saw it.
We design attractive and stylish fashion for young men, women and children to show the most beautiful and elegant Palestinian look.
She participated in many Palestinian exhibitions and drew the attention of visitors of all ages. We felt the thirst of customers to wear
Daily and trendy. Some of our products were exhibited in the Palestinian Museum.


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